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Stream of Consciousness – August 2020 : System Failure

Aaand I missed my deadline for July. Frankly I didn’t feel any willingness to write about this month regarding things that happened. Losing my grandmother in July took quite a toll on the family, having to spend our “holidays” in a locked-down country killing almost all the plans we made and going through one of the hottest summer in Belgium wasn’t quite what I had in mind. This year still keeps on giving.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I see a lot of things about productivity. This obsession about productivity is one of the main reason I stopped publishing my newsletter and reading self-development books. Most of those things are oriented toward work productivity and it’s mind-bogging to me. I’ve always worked fast, not perfectly, hence I’m able to accomplish a lot of things in a very short timeframe. But not with a 98% precision, it’s something I was never able to do and having a hyperactive mind killed any obsession for details I could have, hence why I oriented my whole career toward jobs that allowed me to work on a bigger picture, not on obsessive detail work.

Lately I feel some kind of disconnection with this whole productivity thingy. A lot of us are working 35-40h a week, but when I speak to everyone around me, except manual workers, the real “work time” is half this. Half our time is occupied with meetings, endless talks, emailing, wandering on the Web, … Hence why I think this whole constant productivity is so overrated. We’re working more than enough, we shouldn’t aim to work more, but really aim to work the time needed to accomplish our tasks, just that. Out with this talk about being “pro-active”, “going over the hedge”, … most of the companies that ask that from their employees will be the same that frown upon you when you will dare to ask for a raise.

We are all different, and we’re not working at the same pace, schedules should be able to fluctuate to accomodate that, the same as freelancer have to price the value they bring to a project, not the personal time it requires from them.

Things I found interesting lately:

  • Stoopinbox: I love newsletters and the value they bring, but I don’t like seeing them clutter my inbox. Stoopinbox helps you gather all your newsletters in one place, like a Pocket for newsletters!
  • Giving up user cookies for content-targeted ads: Finally an interesting proposal that merge the need for privacy and the business needs <3
  • How to cope with this “new normal” as a business (French): An interesting view on how business can adapt with the consequences of the corona crisis
  • The Reasons I Left Facebook: I couldn’t agree more with this. I deactivated my Facebook profile two months ago, and decided to leave my Twitter account too. People have become way too much tribalist on those networks and it was doing nothing good except increase my stress level. I’m still on Instagram as far as social medias go (because I love diving into beautiful pictures) and focusing on messaging apps for one to one connection. And this blog for the one-to-many.

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