Today I’m 32 years old, looking backward at that strange teenage boy with no willingness to live I’d never have thought I’d reach that age and in the same time I’m so glad to have. Therefore it was important for me to take the time to express my gratitude about my life at this stage.

  1. I have a wonderful companion, supporting me and pushing me to evolve and improve every day.
  2. I have a wonderful close family, even if I’m living in another country now, I know they are always supportive and we can always talk.
  3. I have good relationships with both my parents, something I thought I’d not have anymore when I came out at 16 years old and that evolved greatly over the years.
  4. I’m grateful for the friends I have in Belgium, who supported me in my idea to move out from the country and whom I can see every time I come back as if it was yesterday. And also for this friend who also moved to Paris and often forces me out of my confort zone.
  5. I’m so happy to have found rich, interesting and welcoming new friends when I arrived in Paris. Without them, I don’t think I’d have survived living in this city.
  6. I’m so lucky to have been born in this part of the world that allows me so much freedom, possibilities and security.
  7. I’m lucky to have been born in an era where I can be myself and love who I want to love without fearing of being killed.
  8. I’m grateful to have access to such an amount of knowledge, books, movies, and so much music, more than I could ever listen to in one life.
  9. I’m grateful for my cat, even if I gave him two names and wasn’t sure of his gender until he was one year old. But I’m so grateful to cuddle with him when I come back from work.
  10. I’m grateful to have found a work in which I can find equilibrium between a lot of the things that interest me and that I don’t hate.
  11. I’m lucky to be able to travel and see the world and its wonder, to have seen Reunion Island, Iceland, Italy, and so many more places.
  12. I’m grateful to have all my senses and be able to experiment the world in its glory.
  13. I’m grateful to have such a wonderful extended family that I enjoy seeing every time we have the chance to gather.
  14. I’m grateful to be able to speak and/or write several languages which allow me to build bridges with other human beings and learn from them.
  15. I’m happy to have kept a small part of the child in me, that allow me to not take everything too seriously and to not have become one of those suited drones.
  16. I’m happy to have reached a professional level where I can say no, where I can say I quit, where I can say that I want to change and where I’m not shackled.
  17. I’m grateful for all the books I have read that were written by greater men, and for all those I still have to read and learn from.
  18. I’m happy to slowly find my way in life and understand myself more and more everyday.
  19. I’m grateful to always have met such wonderful colleagues in each one of my jobs.
  20. I’m grateful to have an acute business vision that allows me to make decisions quickly about projects viability and interest.
  21. I’m glad to have found people I can turn to when I need advice and guidance.
  22. I’m glad at 32 years old to have finally integrated sport in my life and to have greatly improved my health.
  23. I feel honored to have people that look up to me when I feel I still have so much to learn.
  24. I’m grateful to be hypersensitive and to be able to experiment such strong and colorful emotions.
  25. I’m grateful to slowly learn to be happy with my body and how I look.
  26. I’m lucky to live in a place at peace, not having to worry about wars.
  27. I’m lucky to finally feel safe financially and be able to not have to worry about money anymore.
  28. I’m grateful to have the time to think, reflect and question my life, situation, goals and dreams each and every day.
  29. I’m grateful for all the memories I’ve gathered through the years which now live in my head.
  30. I’m grateful for the pain and bad times I went through for what they taught me.
  31. I’m happy to have survived my suicidal tendencies and decided to “give a shot” at life.
  32. I’m lucky to have loved, love and will love.

Simon Vandereecken

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