Some things cannot be explained I guess. The light of a moment, the smell of the air, the feeling of a certain place, those strange news eyes you find yourself suddenly diving in. It’s always strange how, in a missed beat, things can change so suddenly.

Suddenly in those eyes you discover for the first time, you encounter a soul you seem to be longing for for years. Suddenly someone you never knew misses you strangely more than anyone you knew before, as if time took you apart and pulled you back. In those moments, for the smallest fraction of time, for an incredible strange moment, just between to heartbeats, an eternity passes away.

You find yourself looking at his face, trying to understand where you could have seen it before. This seems impossible, deep down you know you couldn’t possibly have seen him before, you’d have remembered him for sure. But your mind can’t stop working at full speed, trying to link facts, places, people, in search of his face.

You’re lost in the moment, trying to keep the pace of the conversation while the time goes by incredibly fast. Around you the night falls while you can’t seem to fall asleep. Suddenly you feel a strange energy going around, some strange connection going through the both of you. You can’t really explain why, often you can’t express things properly, but next to him the words flow easily.

Time will always catch you up, that’s the way it is, but in this missed beat, you already lived an eternity. In this look you lost yourself, falling into something you don’t understand but that feels so familiar. You can’t express exactly what’s happening and that’s the strangest thing. Your mind is still racing about how this stranger feels so familiar, about why you feel so at ease with him on your first encounter. But things can’t always be explained. Some things come, some go, some moments last for an eternity.

But some things cannot be explained. It must have been the moment, perhaps the smell of the air or this particular setting. Perhaps it was his eyes that you know you have to let go for the first time, but it feels like you’ve repeated this pattern again and again. So as he leaves, your heart skips a beat and an eternity is lost.

Simon Vandereecken

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