I’m again late and missed the deadline for September, but here we go again for a second lockdown. I won’t lie, this year is really going by slowly and is taking a toll on everyone’s mental health. I had to take a week off from work at the announcement of the second lockdown because myRead more »

Aaand I missed my deadline for July. Frankly I didn’t feel any willingness to write about this month regarding things that happened. Losing my grandmother in July took quite a toll on the family, having to spend our “holidays” in a locked-down country killing almost all the plans we made and going through one ofRead more »

Feeling a bit lost as June ended on a family disaster with the death of my beloved maternal grand-mother. This woman supported me in every step of my life and had quite her load of hardships in her life. She was so brave, kind, funny while also having an unique strength of character that IRead more »

Quarantine made the whole concept of time really hard to follow… The end of this quarantine period was really hard for me as I missed friends and family deeply, more than I thought I would. This led to an increase of depression and sleepiness while my body somatized the whole period. I really hope weRead more »

Looks like Covid-19 stopped the world for more than a month. Things have been quite hard as every day started to look the same to me. I must admit I didn’t saw April come and go but also had the feeling it lasted for an eternity. I won’t lie saying this has been and isRead more »

Since the 17th of March, we’re all quarantined. What a time to be alive, what a strange year it already is. While I wanted to be able to work a bit more from home, I must admit this went a bit overboard even for my taste. But we have to deal with what’s happening aRead more »

We’re already one month in 2020, time fly incredibly fast… So it’s time for another of those stream as promised. There are a lot of things on my mind lately, mainly about my professional life, work and what we expect exactly from it and what it evokes for me.

As promised, here is the stream for January, or a least some mind emptying as February is starting. I realized the work I have done through exploring my psyche through hypnosis by confronting past pains and scars and realizing that they didn’t hurt me as much as they did before. Doing the gratitude exercise forRead more »

Today I’m 32 years old, looking backward at that strange teenage boy with no willingness to live I’d never have thought I’d reach that age and in the same time I’m so glad to have. Therefore it was important for me to take the time to express my gratitude about my life at this stage.Read more »

Right on time to kick off this year, time to do a small wrap up of the year that past, the end credit of an annual stream of consciousness. Talking about the blog, I must admit I don’t feel the urge to write that regularly. However, in 2020, I set a goal of writing aRead more »

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